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Crypteddy is loaded with features, we keep an eye on all that is important for you so you can relax and enjoy life - how it's meant to be enjoyed!

Price alerts

Receive price alerts directly to your email's inbox.

Runs 24/7

Our system runs 24/7 and updates every 5 minutes.


Get news and new ICO updates as they are added.

It's all about you

Relax and enjoy your free time, let your phone sit on the side and unles it makes a noise or a buzz, you know nothing important has changed in the crypto world.

Percent alerts

Even if you don't have an alert set on a cryptocurrency, we will still send you updates on big percent changes so you don't miss out on opportunities.

News & new coin / Pre ICO's alerts

Hot news and new ICOs or pre ICO's that come on the market will get sent as a sole notification instantly if you choose to have this option on.

Daily reports

A daily report with all the ups and downs of every cryptocurrency you own coins of including related news and other really cool information!

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